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If you live in a caravan or a campervan and are trying to conserve space, you might be thinking about what size microwave you should choose. Then a small microwave for campervan or a compact microwave for caravan would be ideal.

If you ask someone who lives in a caravan what one kitchen appliance they can’t live without, they’ll undoubtedly name a microwave. A microwave is one of the most significant appliances for both families and individuals because it simplifies kitchen tasks, especially when you are weary and only want to heat your food quickly.

You will undoubtedly miss home when traveling in your caravan. However, if you have the correct equipment in your caravan, you will feel at home and comfortable. Let’s look at some of the other characteristics of a compact microwave.


A small microwave is an electric gadget that is commonly used in the kitchen, at work, and on lengthy journeys. They are intended for use on table surfaces or countertops.

They have the ability to heat food, although it takes longer. They also include all of the features of a standard microwave, including a dimension of 0.5 to 0.9 cube feet of interior area, and a capacity of 0.5 cu. ft to 0.9 cu. ft, and a power range of 700W-950W.

It also has a preset program to help you determine the heating time needed for the meal. The amount of food you can make is affected by the capacity and turntable size.

A compact microwave has the following advantages:

  • It saves more space and electricity
  • It does not impact the temperature of the room
  •  It is simple to maintain
  • Low energy usage

It is inefficient in terms of heat, thus the food stays in the microwave for longer and takes longer to cook. Furthermore, because the microwave is small, there is no room for additional pans and pots.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality tiny microwave, look no further since we’ve done the work for you. Our best recommendations are listed below.


SMETA Small Microwave Countertop Microwave Oven compact microwave for caravan

This little microwave is ideal for dorms, RVs, kitchens, apartments, warehouses, holiday homes, offices, and other small locations.

The easy-to-clean coating is made of a durable substance. So, your microwave is clean with just a few wipes from a damp towel. It is that simple to keep up.

This microwave also allows you to defrost frozen items by time or weight, allowing you to enjoy more tasty cuisine.

You can utilize the child safety lock option to lock the control panel to prevent inadvertent use or access by youngsters.

By pushing the selected pre-programmed button and the microwave immediately starts, you can enjoy one-touch cooking for six of the most popular microwaved foods.

With this microwave, you can effortlessly make pizza, potatoes, frozen vegetables, popcorn, or reheat a meal or beverage.


Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft compact microwave for caravan

This compact microwave has enough space for a dinner plate while saving crucial counter space. The slim, rounded back helps it to fit into narrow nooks, making it excellent for cramped quarters.

This microwave’s 10 changeable power levels let you swiftly and simply customize your cooking to the task at hand. The microwave’s touch controls are simple to use, and it’s simple to clean.


A compact microwave for caravan or a small microwave for caravan is a tiny microwave that can be stored in small corners or on countertops and used to make popcorn, prepare veggies, and quickly heat leftovers. If you’re used to a 2.2 cubic foot microwave, a 1.5 cubic foot device may appear to be extremely compact.

A compact microwave, on the other hand, has an interior capacity of less than 1 cubic foot. If you’re thinking about buying a tiny microwave, we recommend evaluating both the interior and external measurements to see what can fit inside and how much counter space it will take up.

Many compact microwaves provide pre-programmed cooking options to make life easier. For example, if you want to make popcorn, simply hit the popcorn button and the microwave will choose the appropriate cooking time and power level.


Microwaves have become a need in many caravans, but it is critical to have a microwave that is suitable for caravanning if it is installed in the vehicle.

‘What sort of microwave is suitable for a caravan?’ you may wonder. If you live in a caravan, you might think about getting a low wattage microwave for caravan.

When purchasing a microwave for a caravan, camper, or motorhome, it’s critical to consider the power usage, settings, and potency.

Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven compact microwave for caravan

It’s fine if you want to buy a caravan that already has a microwave. But, before you do so, double-check the microwave power and positioning. The microwave should not be placed too high so that you can easily reach it anytime you want to use it.

In terms of wattage, see if the microwave has low wattage. Remember that you are living in a caravan and will undoubtedly wish to save energy. This begs the question, “What is the recommended microwave wattage for a caravan?”

The ideal microwave wattage for a caravan is between 500W to 700W. This microwave may not cook food as quickly as a 1000-watt microwave, but it can be used to quickly heat leftovers and beverages, thaw food, make popcorn, and cook veggies.



A fitting kit, also known as a trim kit, is used to transform a countertop microwave into a built-in unit while simultaneously providing the essential airflow for proper microwave functioning.

Fitting kits can be customized to fit practically any microwave or trimmed to fit any existing or new cabinet opening.

A caravan microwave fitting is a trim kit that can be placed when your microwave is too small to fit into the cavity into which it was put.

Panasonic 27-inch Trim Kit compact microwave for caravan

When used around the unit, it offers the impression of seamless incorporation into the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.

The frame, an upper, lower, and rear duct that attaches to and encases the microwave inside the cabinet cut-out are all included in a fitting kit.

It is crucial to use only the fitting kit indicated for the specific microwave model to ensure that the fitting kit fits the microwave and delivers adequate airflow.


Are you looking for a Daewoo caravan microwave? If you said yes, this is the post for you because we researched and found the best one for you.

Daewoo qt1 Countertop 14l 600w White Microwave is an example of a Daewoo caravan microwave. Because it is small, this microwave is great for caravanning. As a result, it will undoubtedly fit into compact places while taking up little room.

Daewoo QT1 Countertop 14L 600W White microwave compact microwave for caravan

It’s light and compact enough to carry around, but large enough to hold a meal. The controls are straightforward and adequate, and the interior is simple to clean.

The Daewoo qt1 countertop microwave is a 600w microwave that saves energy by not consuming too much electricity when in use. The 600w is sufficient for reheating prepared dishes or heating up single-serving purchases.

The main disadvantage of this microwave is that it takes somewhat longer to prepare meals.


The 12v microwave is the best microwave for caravans because it provides convenience and remarkable dependable ease in meal preparation. Any RV, caravan, camper, or motorhome with a 12v battery can use a 12v microwave.

Microwave ovens that run on 12 volts and can be plugged into the DC port of your vehicle are known as 12volt microwaves. This microwave can be used to cook and heat food when camping.


A 12v microwave is a microwave that can be powered by the batteries of any RV, campervan, or large truck.

This microwave operates on 12 volts and can be connected to your vehicle’s DC port, also known as the cigarette lighter port.

12 volt microwaves are an excellent choice for caravans. It also necessitates a high current, which necessitates the use of an appropriate cable.

WaveBox Original Portable compact microwave for caravan

The beautiful thing about the 12v microwave is that you can use it without an inverter and connect it directly to your battery to power it up. It has a capacity of 0.7cubic feet and 660watts of electricity. It doesn’t require electricity and can generate instant meals.

The Wavebox (model) is a 12v microwave that is particularly portable. With this, you don’t have to worry about your batteries if you’re at a campground with electricity, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the convenience of a microwave if power isn’t available.

When selecting a 12 volt microwave campervan, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Capacity – the number of dishes it can hold.
  • Size- It should not be too huge or too little. It should take up less room inside your RV.
  • Power- A microwave’s ability to cook food in a shorter time while saving electricity and running on a low voltage.
  • Voltage- If you don’t have a steady source of electricity, use a microwave with a low voltage.


The Daewoo qt 1r caravan microwave is a small microwave that is ideal for caravans, motorhomes, campers, and small kitchens. It is a portable microwave with simple controls.

The seven power settings provide temperatures for a wide range of foods, as well as a two-way, defrost function. This microwave saves a lot of energy thanks to its 600 watts. This is one of the main reasons why campers prefer this microwave.

This small but powerful microwave can hold a 25cm plate and has seven power levels, giving you lots of cooking possibilities.


If you live in a swift caravan and are considering acquiring a microwave, there are some qualities you should look for.

  • Dimensions- Keep in mind that your quick caravan is not as large as your home. As a result, a huge microwave is not required. You should choose a small and portable microwave that will not take up much space.
  • Wattage is an important factor to consider when buying a microwave for your Swift caravan. Avoid using a microwave with high power. Choose a microwave with low power to conserve electricity.
  • Weight- Choose a microwave that is lightweight and portable.


The smallest size microwave has a capacity of 0.5 cu ft, occupies 213.1 square inches of kitchen counter space, and is less than 14 inches broad.


If you live in a caravan, you can use a microwave with a low wattage of 500 to 700 watts. Because of the low power, this microwave will take longer to heat your meals, but it will conserve energy.


Yes, a regular microwave can be used in a camper, but if you must, choose a low-wattage microwave because they are less expensive, handier, smaller, easier to use, and run while using a generator.

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